To become a member of the Towing & Recovery Professionals of Louisiana Association, just Print and complete this application and return it to us with a check or money order for the amount listed in the pro-rated schedule below.

It is not necessary for you to become a member of the association for us to process your work, however, by being a member, you will receive better rates(see price list) and help make this industry one person stronger and our voice one person louder!

Business Name________________________________________________________

Owner's Name(print)__________________________(sign)__________________

Contact Name_________________________________________________________

Physical Address____________________________City____________Zip______

(Storage facility)

Mailing Address_____________________________City____________Zip______

(If different)

Business Phone______________________________Fax______________________

Type of Business Structure:___Sole proprietorship ___Partnership ___Corporation

If you would like to charge your dues, we accept:

Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover (circle one)

Card #________________________________Exp.__________

Your card will only be used for this purpose.

Amount enclosed $________   Customer Acct#         TRPL Trust? (Y/N)        

Send this completed form and your check to:

T. R. P. L.

P. 0. Box 46478

Baton Rouge, La. 70895-6478

T.R.P.L. membership dues are payable annually in September for the amount of $200.00. If you are joining in any other month than September, your dues will be pro-rated according to that month. In September, you will be invoiced for your annual dues. Please circle the month in which you are joining.

January         $136.00             February     $120.00

March           $104.00             April            $88.00

May              $72.00              June            $56.00

July              $40.00               August        $24.00

September    $200.00             October       $184.00

November     $168.00              December   $152.00

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