Chapter 4. Motor Carriers 

RS 45:161 
CHAPTER 4. MOTOR CARRIERS. Declaration of policy. The business of operating motor vehicles for hire as common or contract carriers of persons or household goods, waste, or any other classification of carriers, other than a contract carrier by bus, created by law for compensation upon the public high
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RS 45:162 
Definitions. The following words and phrases when used in this Chapter shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section except where a different meaning is expressly stated or clearly indicated by the context.1) "Car pool" means a mode of transportation provided in any motor vehicle 
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RS 45:163 
Powers of commission; rates; insurance policies or bonds. A. The commission has the power and authority necessary to supervise, govern, regulate, and control motor carriers, other than a contract carrier by bus, which transport household goods, passengers, or waste and to fix reasonable and just rates, fare
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RS 45:163.1 
Registration and supervision of interstate carriers. A.1)a) For the purposes of this Section, motor carriers shall include: common carriers, contract carriers, and private carriers.b) Except as otherwise provided in this Chapter, before any motor carrier engaged in interstate commerce shall operate, it sh
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RS 45:164 
Common carrier's certificate; contract carrier's permit. A. Except as provided by Subsection C of this Section, no motor carrier shall operate as a common carrier without first having obtained from the commission a certificate of public convenience and necessity, which shall be issued only after a written 
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RS 45:165 
Holding of both certificate and permit prohibited. No person shall at the same time hold, or operate under, both a common carrier certificate and a contract carrier permit.
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RS 45:166 
Amendment, suspension, revocation or transfer of certificate or permit. A. Any certificate or permit may, in the discretion of the commission, be amended, suspended or revoked in whole or in part after notice and hearing for failure to comply with any provision of R.S. 45:161 through 45:172, or w
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RS 45:167 
Name and address of operator and certificate or permit number to be displayed. There shall be displayed upon every vehicle operated under the authority of R.S. 45:161 through 45:172 the name and address of the operator and his certificate or permit number in such a manner as to be plainly discernible.
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RS 45:168 
Consideration to shipper prohibited; rebates; deviation from rate prescribed by commission; penaltiesA. No motor carrier, owner of a certificate or permit, his agent or employee, directly or indirectly, shall offer, permit, or give to any person, directly or indirectly, any commission or other consid
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RS 45:169 
Fees; disposition; refunds; credits; prescription. A. Every motor carrier as defined in R.S. 45:162(10) regularly operating, or which shall regularly operate in the state, is hereby required to pay to the Louisiana Public Service Commission a special fee of ten dollars for each motor vehicle or combi
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RS 45:169.1 
Motor Carrier Regulation Fund. A.1) All funds recovered by the transportation division of the Public Service Commission, by the collection of interstate and intrastate application, registration, and permit fees, and fines collected from penalties, shall be placed into the state treasury and shall be credi
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RS 45:170 
Impoundment of vehicles. A. A vehicle may be impounded by an employee of the commission in the course of and as part of a highway inspection if:1) The vehicle is involved in a current infraction and the offending person cannot post the appropriate appearance bond before the close of the working day; or
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RS 45:171
Violations; definitions; penalty; report
A. No person shall violate or knowingly assist in the violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter or any of the rules, regulations, orders, or decrees of the commission promulgated under the terms of this Chapter, or operate as a common or contract carrier without having obtained a certificate or permit from the commission.

RS 45:172 
Exemptions. Nothing in R.S. 45:161 through R.S. 45:171 shall apply to:. A. Persons engaged in operating:. 1) Hotel vehicles;. 2) Vehicles owned, leased or operated by the United States, this state or special district of the state or any political subdivision or any board, department or commission thereof;
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RS 45:173 
Contract carriers; liability policy or bond required. Every motor carrier, as defined in R.S. 45:162(10) not exempted by R.S. 45:177, using the highways shall file with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, a liability insurance policy or bond satisfactory to the commission of a company authorized to
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RS 45:174
Cancellation of bond or policy
The policy or bond provided in R.S. 45:173 shall provide that ten days' notice in writing shall be given to the commission of intention to cancel the policy or bond. 

RS 45:175 
Certificate or receipt to be displayed. Every contract carrier by motor vehicle shall display in each vehicle a certificate or receipt from the Louisiana Public Service Commission setting forth that the policy or bond required by R.S. 45:173 covering such vehicle has been furnished and filed.
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RS 45:176
Violation of bond requirements
Whoever violates R.S. 45:173 through R.S. 45:177 shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars, or 

RS 45:177 
Exemptions; policy or bond. Nothing in R.S. 45:173 through 45:176 shall apply to motor vehicles operated:. 1) In transporting school children and teachers;. 2) In hauling farm products exclusively;. 3) Exclusively for transporting workers to and from any factory or mill located in this state;. 
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RS 45:178 
License for carrier's vehicle; certificate from public service commission required. Neither the vehicle commissioner nor any public official charged with the sale and issuance of license plates and registration certificates for motor vehicles shall sell or issue, or permit to be sold or issued, a certificate
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RS 45:179 
Unlawful purchase or use of registration certificate or license plate. No person engaged in the business of a common carrier or contract carrier shall purchase or use a registration certificate or license plate on any motor vehicle operated by him in conducting such business without presenting t
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RS 45:180
Penalty for unlawful issuance or purchase of license
Whoever violates R.S. 45:178 or 45:179 shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars, or imprisoned for not more than thirty days, or both.

RS 45:180.1 
Wreckers and towing services. A. Any arrangement, agreement or understanding covering or contemplating the operation or use of wreckers or towing services for hire, charge or compensation or for any benefit amounting to a consideration is a business affected with the public interest. As used in this sect
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RS 45:180.2 
Classification of wreckers; license exemptions. Wreckers shall be classified as emergency carriers and shall be exempted from the provisions of R.S. 45:178 and R.S. 45:179.Added by Acts 1974, No. 462,167 1.. 
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