Towing & Recovery Professionals of Louisiana (T.R.P.L.)

Date of Incorporation - April 22, 1980

Date of Restated Articles of Incorporation - November 2, 1988

The Mission of Towing & Recovery Professionals of Louisiana (T.R.P.L.)

The Louisiana Towing & Recovery Association was originally and is still formed, fostered and nurtured to serve the public interest. It is the Mission of the Association to provide the public with adequate and professional services, operating with safety and dispatch using well-trained and courteous personnel. It is to make possible the maximum in cooperation with the governmental and law enforcement agencies. It is to promote economic stability and profitability for its members through the dissemination of information on cost savings practices and economy through group activities. It is to foster and promote friendly, cooperative relationships among all professional wrecker operations and their principals. It is to maintain relationships between the members, on the one hand and governmental agencies, affiliated businesses and the public, on the other hand, to the end that the latter can better understand the problems and contributions made by members. It is to encourage enlightened legislation and rules and regulations of regulatory bodies, which will enable the Industry, represented by the members to accomplish more completely, the mission of T.R.P.L.

"Serving the needs of the Towing, Recovery & Storage Industry!"

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