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Benefits of being a member of T.R.P.L.


Liability Insurance Program

T.R.P.L. has formed its very own Self-Insured Liability Insurance Trust Program designed specifically for the Members that adequately covers risk at a fair and comparable premium and will provide you with a stable Insurance market. With this Trust you will have the opportunity to be the owner of your very own Insurance!

Legislative support

You'll receive first hand information on legislative issues. During the legislative session, we keep you notified of all proposed legislation that could effect the industry. After the session you will receive free copies of the laws that were passed. Our lobbyist has over 15 years experience with the Louisiana Legislature and has developed strong and meaningful relationships with the Legislators. Along with legislative issues, you will also be kept informed of Public Service Commission issues.

Quarterly Newsletters

As a member you will receive a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed about statewide issues with the Industry, Between newsletters you may receive a T.R.P.L.  "Fax blast" with immediate news or updates.

Price Breaks

Members receive a reduced rate for ALL services provided, including drivers' license information, printing of invoices and company logo's and permit to sell applications.


Classes are held occasionally to inform you of new procedures with paperwork or improvement in record keeping. All members will receive discounted rates to attend the classes. If needed, members will receive personal help with certain situations.

Members Website access

Members can now download forms, affidavits, copies of laws, etc. FREE! Updates on P.S.C. activities, articles, advertisements and more! Members will receive a Username and Password that we will create for you so that you will have authorized access to certain sections of the site. 


As a member, you will receive a membership certificate to hang proudly on your office wall, two T.R.P.L. decals to place on your trucks to show that you are a member in good standing with the association, two shirt patches for the tow truck operators (additional decals and patches can be ordered) and a membership roster.

You'll also receive the best service and support found across the state with our knowledgeable, friendly staff, guaranteed! Just pick up the phone and call toll free 1-800-349-TRPL.

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